Kyle Richards – 1969

Kyle Richards rose to fame with the American reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But did you know that she’s also related to the famous Paris Hilton? Well, her half-sister Kathy Hilton is the mother of Paris Hilton. Her other sister Kim Richards is also a famous television personality and her co-star in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Growing up with star-studded siblings, Kyle had her first breakthrough in Little House on the Prairie. This was before featuring in horror classic Halloween. Little House on the Prairie gave her a platform to express herself on-camera. However, John Carpenter’s Halloween helps her garner recognition, where her acting chops earn great applause.

Kyle evaded bankruptcy all her life as she and Jamie Lee Curtis fled from the murderous jaw of Michael Myers on Halloween. Her latest film Halloween Kills, which grossed hugely in the worldwide box office, proves her worth as an actress.

Heather Locklear – September 25, 1961

Heather Deen Locklear or Heather Locklear as she is popular, is a prominent actress. She rose to fame with her role as Amanda Woodward in the television show Melrose Place. Anyone who is a fan of the show would vouch for her credibility as an actress.


She entered the entertainment industry in the year 1980 and is still going strong. Her popularity and perfect acting won her four consecutive Golden Globe nominations in the category Best Actress – Television Series Drama.

Besides the show, she was also on numerous other movies and television shows including The Perfect Man, Spin City, and Dynasty to name a few. From the success of her films, she has a net worth of $6 million. The 58-year-old actress currently lives in Westlake Village, California along with her daughter Ava Elizabeth Sambora. Looks like all the family time and success is the reason for the glow behind Heather’s ageless beauty!

Donna D’Errico – 1968

Donna D’Errico is an American actress and model. She posed for an adult magazine and starred in the television series Baywatch. She continues to act in films and on television and continues to amaze her fans with her bewitching age-defying beauty.


The former Baywatch star had also recently revealed how she has managed to keep her youthful appearance even after being in the fifties. The star has said that it was her vegan diet that helped her beat aging.

Turning to veganism has not only helped her be more healthy but also she is now more aware of her surroundings. She says that she turned vegan because she loves animals and looks youthful and has been a happy by-product. Well, she is certainly reaping the benefits of her healthy diet.

Elisabeth Shue – 1963

Elisabeth Shue stole the hearts of the audience with her performances in films such as The Karate Kid, Leaving Las Vegas, Adventures in Babysitting, and Hollow Man. She also enjoyed a brilliant career on television as well. Shue soon garnered a loyal fan following who cheered for her every time she appeared on the silver screen.


She was amazing in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. If you haven’t seen much of her before, you can see her portraying a pivotal role in the Amazon series, The Boys. Shue has earned BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Academy Award nominations due to her acting skills.

However, what surprises us the most is how she maintains her youthful charm despite being in her 50s. Discipline and healthy eating have certainly worked wonders for her. No fatty foods and oil for her.

Brooke Shields – May 31, 1965

Brooke Shields started her career as a child actor when she was only 12. After that, there was no looking back for this gorgeous actress who also dabbled in the world of modeling. Her biggest break came in the form of Blue Lagoon in 1980.


Her mother, Teri Shields, was an actress and model as well, which explains Brooke’s exposure to the world of entertainment at a young age.

The actress took a break after a while and went to study at Princeton University. In terms of her body, she is one actress who promotes fitness a lot. She also took care of her food and followed a vegan diet. Her healthy lifestyle might be the reason she doesn’t need any plastic surgery to maintain her looks. She looks naturally beautiful even today.

Melissa Sue Anderson – September 26, 1962

Melissa Sue Anderson is a popular actress who made her debut in the entertainment industry at a very young age. As Mary Ingalls from The Little House On The Prairie, Melissa Sue Anderson made several fans. Later for her performance in Which Mother Is Mine, she won the Emmy too.


Her autobiography came out a few years back, which must have contributed to her fat bank account. A blissful married life and her wealth in the banks must have helped her lead a stress-free life. Add to that a professional trainer and a great diet, and she can surely hold her beauty for a very long time.

Besides being part of the popular NBC drama, she was also on numerous films and television shows. Some of them are The Loneliest Runner, Happy Birthday to Me, Midnight Offerings, and An Innocent Love. At the age of 57, she is living a comfortable life with her family in Montreal.

Lindsay Wagner – June 22, 1949

Lindsay Wagner is the perfect example of an exemplary beauty with brains. Joining the tinsel town in the year 1971 as an actor she is now a model, author, acting coach, singer, and also an adjunct producer.


She is in the seventh decade of her life and still looks flawless. Probably her success, net worth of $15 million, and her children Dorian Kingi, Alex Kingi are the reason behind her happiness and youthful looks.

Lindsay has had more than her fair share of challenges in life and she has come out as a stronger person from everything. Some of the most memorable performances from her strong career of close to five decades are, The Bionic Woman, Samson, Bionic Ever After, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Paper Chase, Nighthawks, Two People, and Contagious to name a few. She is also the author of Lindsay Wagner’s New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift, High Road to Health: A Vegetarian Cookbook, and the 30-Day Natural Face Lift Program.

Justine Bateman – February 19, 1966

Justine Bateman is a reputed figure in the world of entertainment. She is famous as a writer, producer, and director. Though she is already into her golden years, Bateman has no intention whatsoever to stop working and take retirement.


Her agility and hardworking nature can be an inspiration to anyone new to the industry. Her plus point is that she continues to look young even at this age.

According to her statements, Bateman has never contemplated availing enhancement procedures until now, and we applaud her for that. Despite suffering from an eating disorder once, Justine’s recovery has been remarkable. She is taking excellent care of herself and on a simple lifestyle that’s devoid of any kind of negativity. She has indeed earned our respect! We do agree that she can inspire many a woman around her.

April Bowlby – July 30, 1980

April Michelle Bowlby is a popular actress and model who rose to fame by playing the role of Kandi in the long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men. Besides that show, April Bowlby was also in numerous movies and TV shows. This includes Marriage of Lies, From Prada to Nada, Doom Patrol, Drop Dead Diva, Love Me or Else, and All Roads Lead Home, to name a few.


April Bowlby has always been an advocate of the no-makeup look. And a natural beauty like her could confidently be so too. Probably that’s one reason why this 39-year-old looks breathtakingly beautiful to this day as she doesn’t ruin her skin with unnecessary chemicals.

The Doom Patrol actress has a degree in French, Marine Biology, and Ballet. She has been on a signing spree and will be in many more projects in the years ahead. So, we are sure that her net worth of $2 million will increase before she retires.

Elizabeth Hurley – June 10, 1965

Elizabeth Jane Hurley, the gorgeous actress from Nightscare, rose to fame in the 90s as actor Hugh Grant’s girlfriend. However, her relationship with the actor came to an end. She went on to walk down the aisle with Arun Nayar in 2007. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous and immensely talented, staying in the limelight helped her climb up the popularity ladder instantly.


She was soon on a signing spree and went on to be part of numerous movies and TV shows. This includes The Royals, Bedazzled, EDtv, Serving Sara, Passenger 57, My Favorite Martian, The Weight of Water, and Kill Cruise, to name a few.

While years have gone by and everything has changed, the actress looks just the same. It looks like she found an anti-aging boon that helps her look two decades younger than her actual age. Yes, she is 55 years old now, but looking at her, that’s almost impossible to believe!

Marina Sirtis – March 29, 1955

Marina caught everyone’s imagination when she got the opportunity to portray Deanna Troi in the popular television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was damn impressive in that role and forced everyone to fall in love with her work.


Aside from the T.V. show, Marina has starred in quite a few films. Her success boosted her career prospects, and she soon accumulated an attractive sum in her banks.

Marina tied the knot with Michael Lamper back in 1992 and shared amazing chemistry. However, things didn’t quite go the way they wanted. Michael breathed his last in 2019. At the age of 55, Marina can make anyone jealous of the glow her skin exudes. Her beauty has always played a pivotal role in her success, and there is no iota of doubt regarding that. We haven’t had enough of her and wish that she performs a lot more on both the small and the silver screen.

Alison Sweeney — September 19, 1976

Alison Sweeney displayed some fabulous acting skills when she starred in Days of our Lives. Her character, Samantha Brady, created a special place in everyone’s hearts, and there is no denying the fact.


She was with the show between 1993 and 2014. Therefore, Sweeney got all the time in the world to establish herself in the show business. Throughout her career, she laid her hands on more than three Soap Opera Awards and also earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

When we are talking about stars who have aged flawlessly, the name of Alison Sweeney is bound to come up. She was a part of The Biggest Loser between 2007 and 2015. That was probably the time when she might have thought to follow the path of fitness. She has a pretty simple skincare regime, which includes sunscreen in the morning and moisturizer before hitting the bed.

Lauren Tewes – October 26, 1953

ABC’s The Love Boat was the television show which made Lauren the star she was born to be. Her impeccable acting and a great screen presence made people sit up and take notice. We have been in awe of her since her debut in the year 1976.


And today, there is possibly none who doesn’t know her name. That’s indeed an achievement. She earned success through both her T.V. shows and films as well. Eyes of a Stranger, which hit the theatres in the year 1981, was her debut album.

However, despite everything, Lauren couldn’t get the same kind of success in her personal life. Despite walking down the aisle thrice, things weren’t in her favor. But, she has put all the disappointments on the back burner and has surged ahead. Being a courageous woman, Lauren has faced all the struggles head-on. If reports are to go by, she boasts of a net worth that comes to something in the proximity of $2 million.

Morgan Fairchild – February 3, 1950

Morgan Fairchild is as glamorous as ever! This blue-eyed actress was born in Dallas, Texas. Her career in acting started with Search for Tomorrow, a daytime soap opera as Jennifer Pace. The show was on-air from 1973 to 1977. To this day, Morgan’s net worth is $20 million, which comes from her successful career as an actress.


Apart from her acting career, Morgan also has a role as a board member of the Screen Actors Guild. The show is now popular as SAG-AFTRA or Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Apart from this, Morgan also made investments in a website.

She provides choices for burial planning, making her a part of TV commercials, and mail campaigns. She is one of those celebrities who are fighting for the environment and supporting causes for AIDS.

Sissy Spacek – December 25, 1949

Past the age of seniority, Sissy Spacek surely is way beyond other actresses of the same age. She was born Mary Elizabeth Spacek Sissy and is an actress and singer famous for winning the Oscars, Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and several others.


Sissy appeared in a lot of critically acclaimed movies and television shows, but she rose to fame for portraying Carrie in Brian De Palma’s 1976 film, Carrie. Sissy holds her healthy lifestyle accountable for her ageless beauty.

She mentioned she avoids red meat, junk foods, and has quit smoking to maintain her figure. She advises you to eat smart and keep a healthy and balanced diet!

Jami Gertz – October 28, 1965

“The great equalizer is health. If you don’t have it, you’re screwed,” says Jami Gertz, an American actress, and fitness enthusiast. Jami started as a child actor who then appeared in different films and TV series and shows. Jami is also popular as someone who challenges herself, viewing life as an adventure.

jami gertz


A mother of 3 and wife to Antony Ressler since 1989, Jami is also a part-time owner of the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. She has invested in sports and film production. Now, Jami Gertz has been titled as one of the wealthiest women in America, with her net worth at approximately $2 billion.

Jami last starred in The Neighbors, a TV series that is about a family from New Jersey who moved to a wealthy neighborhood and later realized that their neighbors are extraterrestrial.

Rebecca De Mornay – August 29, 1959

Rebecca De Mornay is a sixty-year-old actress who has kept her beauty up until this very day. She is an actress with a striking personality. Her strawberry blonde hair shows no fear of taking risks when it comes to her career.

Rebecca De Mornay


She rose to stardom for her portrayal of Lana opposite Tom Cruise in a comedy film Risky Business by Paul Brickman, released in 1983.

Before Risky business, Rebecca traveled from California to England to Germany. She came back to the United States for her training as a professional actress. She is now a mother of two and has a net worth of 11 million US dollars. Rebecca was in a recent Netflix series titled, “Lucifer” which is about to release its 5th season this year.

Marlo Thomas – November 21, 1937

Marlo Thomas was not less than a crush during the 70s decade. She gave his fans a sea of reasons to fall in love with her. That’s why we can’t blame them for being so obsessed with her.


Thomas took everyone’s breath away with her portrayal of Ann Marie in the ABC show, That Girl. She laid her hands on an Emmy, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe in her career.

Banking on a successful journey, Thomas has been able to garner good fortune for herself. She has completed eight decades of her life. But, the grace with which she has maintained herself is praiseworthy. She will always occupy a portion of our hearts till eternity. Thomas has had a successful marriage and lives with her life partner in New York.

Trish Stratus – December 18, 1975

Trish Stratus has already retired from the wrestling scene. However, she continues to be an icon and an idol to many budding female wrestlers. Trish is the greatest diva ever to have worked with World Wrestling Entertainment.


Her achievements inside the ring helped her gain the status of a superstar within no time. She was honored with an induction into the famed WWE Hall of Fame back in 2003.

Aside from being a top-class wrestler once, Trish also happens to be a fitness master, a television personality, and an actress. The Canadian tied the knot with Ron Fisico, and the couple shares two kids between them. She is all of 44 now, and despite bidding goodbye to WWE in 2019, Trish hasn’t lost touch with fitness fat all and is completely disciplined in her life. She is surely one of those who have taken aging in their strides.

Susan Dey – December 10, 1952

We all know Susan from the days when she floored everyone with her Laurie Partridge role in the ABC sitcom, The Partridge Family. Between 1970 and 1974, Susan was able to garner all the attention and gained her foothold in the show business.


She has also portrayed Grace Van Owen in the legal drama L.A. Law on NBC. This particular role was so well-received that Susan won a Best Actress award at the Golden Globe Award ceremony.

We also loved her in quite a few films she has starred in, such as Deadly Love, Little Women, Lies and Lullabies, and a lot more. Though Susan is 67 now, she doesn’t look anywhere close to that age. She was a flawless beauty back in the 70s, and she still is one. A healthy lifestyle, some exercises, and a mind that’s devoid of anxiety are the keys to her natural beauty.

Christina Applegate – November 25, 1971

Hollywood brought Christina Applegate plenty of success ever since she was cast as ‘Kelly Bundy’ in Married… With Children. The popular TV series got Applegate the exposure she needed, and fans were soon to notice, recognize, and appreciate her talent. She saw good earnings in her adolescence from that role.


Besides that, Applegate went on to star in The Big Hit, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Grand Theft Parsons, and The Sweetest Thing, among many other film roles.

Applegate has entertained in a variety of roles. She won hearts with her role in shows like Up All Night and Samantha Who?. While her professional life has always been rewarding, Applegate was not so lucky in terms of her health. In 2008, the news was out that she was battling cancer. However, she came out a survivor after a double mastectomy! She is now healthier and a great inspiration to all women who are traveling that path.

Tina Louise Ginger – February 11, 1934

Tina Louise Ginger first grabbed our eyeballs with her role as Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. She was adorable at that time, and she still is. Tina turns 84 years this year, but she looks as lovely as she used to decades back.


Her glamorous demeanor is still the cynosure of all eyes, and we love the way she carries herself even at this age. Tina has been an integral part of Hollywood for a pretty long time and is still a complete livewire.

Her acting career began in the 50s decade, and many of her contemporaries have already left for their heavenly abode. We consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed her for so long, and we wish you a long and healthy life. We loved her in For Those Who Think Young, God’s Little Acre, The Trap, and Day of the Outlaw. Her bank balance is more than enough to sustain her in retirement.

Hunter Tylo – July 3, 1962

Hunter Tylo won our hearts with her performance as Taylor Haynes in The Bold and the Beautiful. She has had a long-time association with the soap opera and piled up a nice sum in her bank account. She has also been a regular in many other television shows.


Tylo was probably the most hated character in Days of Our Lives, and the way she carried out her part was commendable.

She took retirement from acting in the 90s decade as none of her roles that came her way was substantial. Tylo had plans to become a pre-medical student. But when the opportunity of playing the role of Taylor Haynes came along. And she didn’t think twice before lapping it up. According to sources, she walked down the aisle thrice in her life and is the mother of four children. Looking at the way she has maintained herself, it seems she is consulting a personal trainer.

Jeri Ryan – February 22, 1968

You remember Borg drone Seven of Nine from the Star Trek series, don’t you? Yes, Jeri made a flawless portrayal on-screen. She also earned a good deal of fame and fortune with her appearance on Dark Skies and Boston Public.


Without a doubt, Jeri garnered more success in her television career than in films and has some impressive savings. We saw her in seven movies to date, with the latest one being Devil’s Range, which was released in the year 2019.

Jeri will soon be on The Ready Room, MacGyver, and Star Trek: Picard. She came across her future husband and chef, Émé at a charity event, and the duo soon decided to walk down the aisle together. Jeri has a son from her previous marriage and shares a daughter with her current husband. As far as we have come to know, Jeri loves privacy and doesn’t believe in opening up about her personal life.

Kristian Alfonso – September 5, 1963

Kristian Alfonso has been a popular fashion model, a figure skater, and an actress all rolled into one. She impressed us with her portrayal of Hope Williams Brady in the popular show, Days of Our Lives. Alfonso is a key member of the cast and has been with the program since 1983. Though she has made quite big for herself as an actress, Alfonso started her journey as a figure skater. She grabbed gold at the Junior Olympic Championship.


Alfonso went on to be a model and by the time she turned 15, she has already appeared on the covers of more than 30 magazines. She also had her film debut with the television film named, The Starmaker.

Alfonso tied the knot with Danny Daggenhurst in the year 2001 and the couple has a happy life till now. They share two kids between them and are a happy family. We just hope Kristian is focusing on her health these days.

Lark Voorhies – March 25, 1974

Lark has been absolutely busy since the inception of her career and is totally engrossed in delivering her best as an actress, a singer, a model, and a spokesperson as well. She earned prominence with her performance as Lisa Marie Turtle in the NBC show, Saved By The Bell. She is just not a regular pretty face. As a matter of fact, Lark is a powerhouse of talent and she has proved that time and again.

Lark Voorhies


She is a skilled writer too, having penned down quite a few books such as Trek of the Cheshire, Reciprocity, and A True Light. Lark has published all of them on her own and added some good money in her bank account.

She was in relationships with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Martin Lawrence, Miguel Coleman, and Jimmy Green, marrying the last two. However, none of them worked in her favor. Professionally, she is one of the top-notch performers for sure.

Mindy Cohn – May 20, 1966

Mindy Cohn announced her arrival in the show business with her portrayal of Natalie Green in the light sitcom, The Facts of Life. She was a prime member of the main cast and amassed a hefty sum in her banks throughout her association of the show. Mindy soon made a name for herself in the acting community and even did a voice-over for Velma Dinkley, a character from Scooby-Doo, the animation series.


She even grabbed a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her work in What’s New, Scooby-Do? Even though she wasn’t part of many life-changing roles, Mindy has still handled her career well and has given it a proper direction.

Neither did she walk down the aisle nor does she plan on having children. Well, that’s her personal decision, and we have nothing to say about that. We just want her to be happy.

Tina Majorino – February 7, 1985

Tina Majorino the television and movie actress shot to fame as a child artist. Her debut was when she was just seven years old with the sitcom. This was in the year 1992 and she never had to look back since then.

She went on to be part of films too, her first movie was When A Man Loves A Woman. In the years to come, she went on to be part of numerous hit films. Some of them are Waterworld, Andre, and Corina, Corina.

Despite the success of her career, she took a break from the years 1999 through 2004. While most people thought that she was on retirement, she made a killer combo back in the year 2004. Tina Majorana is still active in the industry. With a current net worth of $1.5 million, the 35-year-old is still several years away from her retirement. So, the net worth is surely going to shoot up!

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