Latest and Greatest Vacation Moments

There’s nothing like creating a memorable and funny photo when you’re enjoying your vacation. These vacationers really went above and beyond in having fun with their photos; take a look at some of the most memorable and humorous moments during their time away from the office!

I’m Just Beside Myself

image 56

Can Sharks Read English?

image 88

Take Off Now

image 96

This parasailor might not have thought this one through, as there’s a shark on the loose heading right for them. They could go up, they could go straight, they could go off to their right to get away, but they’d better get going quickly before they become a meal!

Ride Them, Billy!

image 58

Surfing with a partner isn’t that uncommon, but when that partner is a goat, that might be a little bit too far to the extreme. However, this goat seems like he’s done this several times before and looks completely comfortable on the board. If he can take it, go for it!

Elephant Scratching Post

Scratch That Itch

We know that dogs love to get their bellies scratched, but apparently elephants feel the same way. This elephant decided to try scratching its stomach with a vehicle, and it really seems to be enjoying it from the expression on its face. The people inside the vehicle, however, probably don’t feel the same way.

Think He’s Had Enough

image 101

This dog looks adorable, but he also looks like he might have had one too many or spent too much time in the sun. He’s looking a little loopy and could probably do with a nice nap in the shade…without taking the cocktail with him.

Spotting a Loose String

image 86

You’ve got to think there’s more that can go wrong than right here. If he succeeds, the woman in question could lose her top…not a good outcome. If he holds on too long, she might go with him, or he might fall out and crash. Either way, he did not think this one through.

Best Beer Pong Game Ever

image 52

These people deserve a ton of credit for setting up this play area. Most people just go for the table, but this group created a full play arena for a beer pong tournament. As long as high tide stays away for a few hours, this is an outstanding creation.

Full Flip

image 61

This is incredible flexibility to get off the ground and complete a full flip without landing on the wrong body part. Based on the impressed reaction of the woman behind the flipper, there’s a good chance this is something she pulls out whenever she wants to show off…and it’s awesome.

You Don’t Belong Here

image 106

This turtle really doesn’t seem to like visitors, or maybe it just doesn’t like humans. In any case, this turtle doesn’t really appear to be in a friendly mood from either its expression or its appendage. When any sea creature looks like this, it might be wise to keep your distance.

Rode the Wave Too Long

image 98

This surfer looks like she did one trick too many on her board and is about to wipe out in front of her audience. The waves here don’t look all that threatening, so it’s probably from an extra trick or two that went just beyond her abilities.

That’ll Block the Sun

image 57

We’ve got to admit, if you’re trying to avoid a sunburn, this might be the perfect hat with which to do it. This ultra-wide brim headgear should block out all the sun’s rays…and any stray rays from any other star in the Milky Way galaxy.

Enjoying a Bite

image 53

Size disparity and perspective are always good for a few optical illusions. This couple perfectly creates the appearance that the female has shrunk down to doll-size, allowing the male to pick her up and possibly swallow her whole. It’s certainly a great way to make friends do a double-take.

The Monkey On Her Back

image 72

The proverbial monkey is no longer proverbial for this woman, who’s got an adorable primate riding her shoulder during a day at the beach. Odds are, this monkey will be easier to remove from her back than the emotional kind…although it’s so cute that she might not want to get rid of it for a while!

Beach Music

image 77

With apologies to Pat Conroy, this might be the best example of beach music that we’ve ever seen. The only way this could be better would be if someone brought out a phone and started playing a list of songs while the guy in the photo mimed playing the piano for all to enjoy

Taking a Ride on the Trunk

image 59

Riding in the trunk isn’t recommended, but what about riding on the trunk? This woman’s got a view that few people get to see in riding an elephant, and as long as it cooperates, she’ll have a memory she can treasure forever in front of her friends and family.

Licking the Tower

image 63

Generally speaking, licking a metal structure isn’t a great idea. Doing so when it’s a famous landmark is even worse, but miming it is a sure way to get a few smiles. This lady found the right angle to make it look like she’s licking France’s famous Eiffel Tower…which might upset the local Parisians.

Yes! It’s a Beautiful Sunset!

image 113

There’s nothing like seeing a perfect sunset and the colors that it produces. But this dog really seems to love how it looks, as he’s on his back celebrating as the orange hues blanket the evening. It’s almost like he thinks that he caused it to happen, and he’s taking credit for making everyone so happy.

Friends Aren’t Food

image 60

This woman might know the way to a pig’s heart is with food, but hopefully, she hasn’t revealed what’s actually in this treat that she’s providing for her new friend. Odds are that the friendship goes south if the pig finds out what it’s eating from her hand!

Quokka Hell Is That?

image 116

If you’re not from the land down under, this little guy might not look familiar to you. It’s a kind of wallaby, and there are only 20,000 of them left in the world. If you see one, be sure to get a picture. They’re as rare to see in the wild as any celebrity.

Confident or Crazy?

image 121

This plucky guy has some serious cahonas. And that insane view can only be overlooking Dubai. Thankfully, this shot is not realistic, and that man is very probably not a pilot. Nonetheless, a great way to get some attention on social media! If you look carefully, you can see the inconsistency of the shadows. Oops.

Spectacular Wildlife

image 90

Those mountains look truly breathtaking, and the water looks as clear and blue as can be. And yet there’s something else that catches the eye, something altogether more intriguing and alluring. Not those you sicko! All the different types of boats you can see in the background.

Get Your Planche On


Is this amazing or absolutely ridiculous? Primarily, it’s one of the most stupid things a person can do. Nonetheless, it’s an absolute feat of training. All factors taken into consideration, it’s two parts stupid to three parts impressive. At least he’s got the strength to hang on to the edge if he does fall.

Monkey Business

image 68

What makes this picture stand out for you? For us, it’s the serene look on the monkey’s face as he slyly plans his crime, then makes his move. Then the contrast of the casual look of indifference on his face, vs. the look of shock and horror on hers. Chef kiss.

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

image 107

Times have changed a lot since the days of cowboys cattle herding. These days, people prefer to take a more gentrified approach to interacting with wildlife. This friendly chap here demonstrates how by riding an emu, who he seems to share a kindred spirit—and facial expression—with.

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