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Celebrities are used to living lives full of luxurious items that the average Joe can’t afford. From sprawling mansions to top-of-the-line cars, being rich has never looked so good. While driving a fancy car is one thing, every A-lister knows they’ve truly made it when they buy a private jet.

These multi-million-dollar aircraft aren’t just a means to an end, but an investment that allows the world’s elite to get from A to B. From Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett to talented artist power-couple  Beyonce and Jay-Z, these famous faces know all about traveling in style.

The biggest names in the business don’t just pay out for the planes. They completely equip the interiors so they have everything they need, from plasma TVs to whole conference rooms. Some stars may prefer to charter a jet instead of buying one outright, but they’re still reaching heights most of us couldn’t even dream of.


1. Jim Carrey

Model: Gulfstream V
 $59 million*
Net Worth: $135 million*

When it comes to being a successful actor, Jim Carrey has the winning formula. He’s proved time and time again that he’s able to knock our socks off with his comedic timing, while also having enough scope for dramas like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Jim Carrey @contourofluxury / Twitter.com | ©Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.comJim Carrey @contourofluxury / Twitter.com | ©Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

All of Jim’s hard work means that he’s able to afford to travel in style. The star has owned a Gulfstream V since around 2015, estimated at a value of $59 million. That’s a lot, but the Sony actor can’t exactly book a seat in economy without causing a huge stir.

Jim is arguably one of the most recognizable stars out there, so whenever he’s spotted you can guarantee there’s a ton of paparazzi waiting nearby. That’s just added stress at the airport that Jim doesn’t need on top of his already hectic schedule.


2. Jackie Chan

Model: Embraer Legacy 650
 $20 million*
Net Worth: $400 million*

Jackie Chan has made a career out of moving fast, so it only makes sense that he’s an ambassador for an airplane manufacturer. As a spokesperson for Brazilian company Embraer, Chan gets one or two perks – like his very own private jet.

Jackie Chan Embraer Legacy 650 @SijiaJ / Twitter.comJackie Chan Embraer Legacy 650 @SijiaJ / Twitter.com

The $20-million-dollar Legacy 650 is just the ticket for the 66-year-old star of AT&T’s Rush Hour.  “My Legacy 650 is perfect for long trips, and it has everything I need on board,” he explained to Forbes. While he’s probably paid to say that, it doesn’t change the fact that Chan is a very lucky man!

The rest of us don’t have lucrative endorsement deals that not only play in cold hard cash but in private air miles. The most we can hope for is a complimentary bag of nuts – and we look forward to those!

3. Jimmy Buffett

Model: HU-16 Albatross “Hemisphere Dancer”
Net Worth: $450 million

Jimmy Buffett is lucky enough to have not one, but several planes at his disposal, but his favorite is a 1954 Grumman HU-16 Albatross called the “Hemisphere Dancer.” While it’s not exactly a jet, the small plane was used by Jimmy for several years before it eventually went into retirement in 2003.

Jimmy Buffett Grumman HU-16 Albatross “Hemisphere Dancer” @Lulu Petunia / Pinterest.com | @FlyingHumans / Facebook.comJimmy Buffett Grumman HU-16 Albatross “Hemisphere Dancer” @Lulu Petunia / Pinterest.com | @FlyingHumans / Facebook.com

Now, airplane enthusiasts can go and see the $300,000-dollar Albatross where it sits outside of his Margaritaville Cafe in Orlando. The Warner Music artist known for his laid-back, beachy vibe has a cult following that transcends fans of any single genre.

That being said, his restaurants are just as popular as his music so fans are often thrilled to get an insight into any aspect of Jimmy’s life. If that means going for a bite to eat and getting a look at his plane in the process, then so be it!

4. Celine Dion

Model: Bombardier BD 700 Global Express
 $42 million*
Net Worth: $601 million*

It’s no secret that Celine Dion likes the finer things in life. The talented songstress is a bonafide diva, so you’ll never catch her flying in coach. Celine travels solo in a Bombardier BD 700 Global Express – but don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for her entourage.


Celine Dion @celinedion / Facebook.comCeline Dion @celinedion / Facebook.com


Not only are there several bathrooms, but a fully-functioning kitchen so attendants can whip up something better than a TV dinner from Walmart for Ms. Dion as she jets from one sold-out concert to another. Celine’s late husband and their children frequently used the $42-million-dollar jet for vacations, too.

Celine is one of the most famous names in the world, but she’s also an avid businesswoman. She works almost non-stop so resting is just as important to her. Luckily for her, you can catch a good amount of shuteye when you’re not worried about the screaming baby in the back row.

5. Playboy

Model: Big Bunny
Cost: $12 million*
Net Worth: $500 million* (Valuation)

If you’ve been following the Playboy news headlines recently, then you know that the media company has recently recreated its famous “Big Bunny” jet. Hugh Hefner’s estate sold off the old Big Bunny to the Slater Family, and they recreated the black-and-white Playboy plane using the former DC 9-30 jet as a model.

Playboy @notadrianni/PinterestPlayboy @notadrianni/Pinterest

The original Big Bunny was a sight to see in the skies in the ‘70s, and people with Playboy nostalgia are glad that this vintage plane is going to be flying once again. Hefner’s estate has struggled with mounting debts, so this could be a sign that the company’s financial tides are turning.

6. Tom Cruise

Model: Gulfstream IV
 $36 million*
Net Worth: $428 million*

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest actors in the world – and he likes his gadgets. Considering his $428 million net worth, it’s hardly surprising that Tom picked up a jet for $36 million to get him from one blockbuster to another.

Tom Cruise @Cube Eye / Pinterest.comTom Cruise @Cube Eye / Pinterest.com

The actor likes to keep his private life private after two very public breakups, so we don’t know who gets to travel on the Gulfstream IV with him. However, he’s probably quite handy in an emergency if his part in CBS’ Mission Impossible franchise is anything to go by!

Tom is notorious for performing all of his own stunts, so when it comes to soaring through the air he’s not a novice. After playing Maverick in Top Gun, Cruise quickly decided to get his very own pilot license. He’s been certified since 1994.

7. Mark Cuban

Model: Boeing 767-277
 $144 million*
Net Worth: $4.2 billion*

When it comes to business, Mark Cuban doesn’t mess around. Just like any entrepreneur, he’s had some big losses, but he’s also had some huge gains. Thanks to his success in the industry, Cuban is worth an eye-watering $4.2 billion.

Mark Cuban @mnbz7861 / Pinterest.com | @Pip Hastings / Youtube.comMark Cuban @mnbz7861 / Pinterest.com | @Pip Hastings / Youtube.com

Back in 1999, he broke records when he made the biggest online transaction in the world at the time, spending $144 million on a Boeing 767-277. Cuban’s team the Dallas Mavericks get to enjoy the fruits of Mark’s labor as they travel on the jet, making the most out of the large, luxurious seats.

When you’re letting an entire sports team use your plane it has to have enough room, while also having enough gadgets to keep them entertained. From TV’s to game consoles and full-sized beds, Cuban’s jet has it all and then some.

8. Kylie Jenner

Model: Bombardier Global 7500
 $72 million*
Net Worth: $900 million*

At 23, most of us are trying to survive in a post-college world and make enough money to stay afloat. Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, was casually dropping $73 million on a Bombardier Global 7500 like it was no big deal.

Kylie Jenner @LasMamarrachians / @TuMedio / Facebook.comKylie Jenner @LasMamarrachians / @TuMedio / Facebook.com

The jet, dubbed Kylie Air, has custom pink lighting and can seat up to ten people. It also has a full-size double bed for taking an in-flight nap, along with a flat-screen TV and everything else you might expect to get for that huge price tag. With a net worth of $900 million, Kylie can afford it.

Kylie’s jet might have a huge price tag, but it’s also a great opportunity to advertise her Kylie Cosmetics brand. It’s fully decked out with everything synonymous with Kylie, from the logo to the seats and the TVs. What more could you want?

9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Model: Gulfstream G650
 $65 million*
Net Worth: $240 million*

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has the kind of life that most of us can only dream of, but it wasn’t always that way. After his football career ended, Johnson had just $7 to his name. Now, after a successful wrestling career and roles in numerous blockbusters, The Rock is worth over $240 million.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson @wholesalinghouses / Instagram.comDwayne “The Rock” Johnson @wholesalinghouses / Instagram.com

The Johnson family travels in their very own $65-million-dollar Gulfstream G650. The former WWE star frequently uses the plane. Although it’s not quite as big as some other private jets, it has everything he needs to work and play, including plenty of seats and a highly-polished table for business!

Dwayne has been spotted changing his daughter’s diaper on the leather seats of the aircraft, which might not be how some celebs would use their jets – but it goes to show that he’s a family man through and through! It doesn’t matter if he’s on land or mid-flight.

10. Floyd Mayweather

Model: Gulfstream 650
 $60 million*
Net Worth: $379 million*

Owning your own private jet is one thing, but branding it is something else entirely. Superstar boxing champ Floyd Mayweather splashed $60 million on a Gulfstream 650, calling it Air Mayweather. With huge padded seats upholstered in the finest leather, there’s plenty of room for Mayweather’s entire team.

Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather / Facebook.comFloyd Mayweather @floydmayweather / Facebook.com

The General Dynamics plane isn’t Mayweather’s only ridiculously expensive mode of transportation, either. The undefeated fighter has a Bugatti Veyron worth over $1 million and a Ferrari 458. When it comes to travel, Floyd goes all in. Considering his $379 million fortune, it’s just small change!

When you work as hard as Mayweather does, it’s okay to buy some over the top things – especially when they’re useful. A private jet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a great piece of kit that everyone would love to own. Some of us may never get there, but we can dream!

11. Warren Buffett

Model: Bombardier Challenger
 $26 million*
Net Worth: $84 billion*

Private jets aren’t exclusive to celebrities that want to post about them on Instagram. Billionaire businessmen also like to enjoy the spoils of their labor, including Warren Buffett. A man in Buffett’s position needs to be able to travel at the drop of a hat, so owning a $26-million Bombardier Challenger is more a necessity than a luxury.

Warren Buffett @mensfashionmarket1 / Facebook.comWarren Buffett @mensfashionmarket1 / Facebook.com

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO told Forbes that owning a private plane simply makes his life easier. Buffett has owned his Challenger for almost 30 years, using it for both important business trips and vacations.

The 89-year-old investment pro isn’t getting any younger, so comfort is a big deal to him. Can you imagine being that age and sandwiched between two complete strangers on a five-hour flight? If you’ve got it, you may as well flaunt it – or in this case, spend it.


12. Cristiano Ronaldo

Model: Gulfstream 650
 $60 million*
Net Worth: $375 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is hailed as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, but he’s just as famous for his life off the pitch. Ronaldo loves expensive cars, sprawling mansions, and designer clothing. He also loves private jets.

Cristiano Ronaldo @fc1naija / @sports24gh / Facebook.comCristiano Ronaldo @fc1naija / @sports24gh / Facebook.com

Ronaldo’s plane of choice is the ever-popular General Dynamics Gulfstream 650. The multi-millionaire shelled out around $60 million to get his very own set of wings. Not only is there enough space for his family with a capacity of 18 passengers, but it’s even got a custom black and blue paint job.

Cristiano isn’t known for doing anything by halves, so it’s hardly a shocker that he would want to make his jet as recognizable as he is. When this plane flies into an airport, everyone is going to sit up and take notice – and hope for a big tip!

13. Taylor Swift

Model: Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900
 $40 million*
Net Worth: $266 million*

Taylor Swift may have only entered the wonderful world of superstardom back in 2009, but less than three years after launching her career she was able to buy a $40 million jet. Swift made the lavish purchase in 2011, even customizing it with her lucky number 13.

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 / @Taylor98404128 / Twitter.comTaylor Swift @taylorswift13 / @Taylor98404128 / Twitter.com


With 12 seats and plenty of storage space, Swift is able to use it to travel all over the world for her packed stadium performances. Taylor always makes sure there’s plenty of fruit and fresh flowers on board to give it that home-from-home vibe.

The multi-award-winning artist is always super generous with her friends as well, so the infamous “girl squad” has likely made use of Tay’s jet on several occasions. If those leather seats could talk, they would tell a few tales about some of the most famous women in the world!

14. John Travolta

Model: Boeing 707-138
 $36 million*
Net Worth: $250 million*

John Travolta’s career may have cooled down over the past few years, but he’s still a prized Hollywood actor thanks to hits like Grease and Saturday Night Fever. But, acting isn’t Travolta’s only passion. John is a licensed pilot, so while he travels on his $36-million Boeing 707-138, he also loves to fly it himself.


John Travolta Boeing 707-138 @CharterAircraft / Facebook.comJohn Travolta Boeing 707-138 @CharterAircraft / Facebook.com


John’s love of flying goes way back to when he was a teenager when he took his first lesson at the age of 15. The star even has a runway right next to his home in a private aviation community in Florida.

When it comes to flying, John isn’t just a hobbyist, he’s a bonafide expert with tons of air miles under his belt. If the bottom falls out of his acting career he could always take to the skies to earn some extra cash – not that he needs it!

15. Meek Mill

Model: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
Net Worth: $20 million*

Meek Mill doesn’t own his own private jet, but he often charters his to get from concert to concert. The rapper does have an impressive car collection that includes a Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Bentley Mulsanne, and a Bentley Flying Spur.

Meek Mill @jjerome958/PinterestMeek Mill @jjerome958/Pinterest

In November of 2021, Meek ran into some trouble on a private flight when he and his friends were accused of bad behavior (i.e. smoking marijuana) by a flight attendant. The rapper was reportedly outraged at the flight attendant who accused him, and he stormed off the flight after confronting the worker.

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